The Journey of Embodied Self-Realization

I was born and raised in Eugene, OR

I have felt a deep knowing of my truth and my place on this earth, and this life has been a process of uncovering this truth to be more fully immersed in its essence. I am continually learning about integrating spiritual truth into a fully embodied experience of life.

From my father, I inherited the traditions of Peruvian Shamanism, from my mother, I inherited Biodynamic Cranial Touch and Myofascial Release. My godmother has taught me the importance of living a heart-centered existence, and my godfather has taught me how to dance and move with ancient alive rhythms and pulses.

I’m deeply connected with community and practices of my art through music, image, and movement. I’m committing myself to a deep and thorough process of self-realization through embodied experience, and in growing in intimacy with myself and all of life.