The Journey of Embodied Self-Realization

I was born and raised in Eugene, OR

I have felt a deep knowing of my truth and my place on this earth since my earliest memories, and this life has been a process of uncovering this truth to be more fully immersed in its essence. I am continually learning about integrating spiritual truth into a fully embodied experience of life.

I have traversed numerous physical and psychological injuries, all of which have helped me to land more fully in myself and become a happy, healthy, embodied and creative human walking the earth. These injuries and initiations included:

-When I was 4 I fell down a stairwell shaft onto my back, with, miraculously, no broken bones

-Throughout my entire childhood I played goalie in highly competetive soccer and sustained numerous head/neck/body and whiplash injuries

-I was constantly injuring myself throughout my childhood by flinging myself off of things, crashing, or just otherwise not being fully present in my body

-Nearly all of my childhood memories as a Highly Sensitive Person were of emotional and psychological overwhelm, as I navigated being a highly porous and sensitive child in a world full of lies, deceit, imprecise speech, and numerous cultural behaviors which confused me and resulted in me feeling deeply out of place and isolated on a constant basis. This overwhelm was contrasted with an innate sense of what is Good and True, and it has been a lifelong journey to make energetic and physical space for myself to learn how to be embodied, grounded, and clear in my feeling and expression of who I am and what I know.

-When I was 19 I was climbing a Redwood tree in Santa Cruz and fell 40 ft. to the ground, again, miraculously, with no broken bones.

From my Taurus father, I inherited the traditions of Peruvian Shamanism, from my Capricorn mother, I inherited Biodynamic Cranial Touch and Myofascial Release. My Sagittarius godmother has taught me the importance of living a heart-centered existence, and my Pisces godfather has taught me how to dance and move with ancient alive rhythms and pulses.

I’m deeply connected with community and practices of my art through music, image, and movement. I’m committing myself to a deep and thorough process of self-realization through embodied experience, and in growing in intimacy with myself and all of life.