A pair of ravens is soaring on the wind, wingtip to wingtip, hovering just above and behind a raptor, I think it's a hawk, maybe a red-tail hawk. It has orange-tan feathers on its underbelly and is a little smaller than the ravens. The scene happens just outside this window i'm sitting in front of ... the hawk banks around in a counter-clockwise spiral as it climbs, climbs, climbs up the air currents which blow strongly today. The ravens bawk down at it and pester it with little swoops as they come very close to brushing its wings with theirs. Apparently this is the most important thing for them to be doing in this moment.

There is a great reservoir of experience behind these words, I feel, like shakespeare i've heard tell of the manner in which he writes, or rather, receives messages from the Muse. Like a great crowd shoving its way past the small doorway of his fountain pen, and he the gatekeeper, sifting through each potentiality to choose just the right flavor of words upon words strung together in dancing artistry. And we see how well that worked for him! I remember something of a struggle in that story, like the pressure, of all these forces coming to a head, and he the dam, opening and closing. The pressure release of allowing a constant stream feels good and true and connective, like tying together a series of expert acrobatics, flipping to land on tip-toes, somersaulting into a series of rolls then springing sideways into cartwheels and turning backflips. You can see that if you carried a string of yarn or somehow effused floating colors from your entire body, that you'd be painting a swirling array of curves and spirals as you go. Like shakespeare, only his is black, black ink from the feather pen in his ink-stained fingers. What honed hand muscles he must have had.

Today I awoke remembering no dreams, and spoke with Janani about having such a diverse conglomeration of interests and creative pursuits I sometimes don't know where to start. Like, I want to become of a master of all these activities: beat boxing, overtone singing, hand balancing, harmonizing, songwriting, piano, guitar, dance, poetry, prose, photography, videography, figure drawing, french, german, cooking, conversation, speaking tabla rhythms, dreaming ... and just to get out of bed in the morning is to attempt a step toward one of those deep paths. Little by little, choosing one action, then the next, then the next. Learning to move steadily and keep the energy of dreaming alive, active, and having a companion helps. Friends, that togetherness, inspiring one another, learning and growing and exploring together. I am so grateful for this