Wes Anderson

I feel a kind of camaraderie with Wes Anderson;
I see the way that he interacts with his actors, the feeling with which he perceives his own productions, and recognize something that I also feel in myself. The muse speaks through him; he is an open vessel. A receptacle through which inspiration passes and moves. Having gained confidence over years of working through theater and film productions, he has the clarity of vision and potency within to see through his manifestations. Surrounded by a group of production assistants, he ties everyone together in the moment of adding that spark to the picture.

Costumes, lighting, camera operators, set coordinators; all these people have roles to play in his films. Wes becomes the focal point of it all; meticulously focussing on every detail such that the complete vision may be realized. He visions the entire experience and is responsible for externalizing the whole creation, through word and action. His obligation is to create something as close to what he sees as possible.

The actors themselves are surprisingly unable to verbalize specificities around the material itself, the significance of particular plot points, character motivations. They are clearly placed within this acting scenario with the express purpose of creating meaning from bits of dialogue, costumes, sets, etc., and focus on their characters motivations, back story, etc. Given to questions of grander themes, reasons for particular actions, motivations, backstory, the actors are sometimes at a loss for words.