Be Yourself


The most important skill in being alive is to be flexible. Know what you know, and declare your truth. Discover what is most harmonious and stand deeply rooted within what you believe and know to be true. Yet be ready to let everything go when the new wave of realization comes. Allow the wave to wash over you and simply let go; be carried by the current. Allow yourself to have no connection whatsoever to who you formerly were, if only for an instant. Take one breath. Take another breath. You can grab onto the shore at any time and hold onto some rock of belief once more. You can get off the elevator at any time when you find a level that suits your tastes. The true art is to be the best dancer you can be. This is the path of least resistance, the Jedi way, the Tao, the way of water, the ultimate flexibility. By letting go of and allowing, you more thoroughly become that flow, and in moments there is no distinction able to be made between yourself and the All That Is. Of course there is no becoming anything but the All That Is; you always have been that and will always be that, this, and everything. There is no separation.

Maybe what we're saying here is that its good to learn how to have fun.