Awakening the Voice

I went to school for opera training and I’m still unlearning and crafting what I received there. Also I’ve had a long string of bodily injury that gives every day a new doorway into nooks and crannies for the voice to fill into; the body is my work of art. How much nuance can I bring into my musculature, matched with dedicated knowledge acquisition and of course ... as I’m learning every day ... relaxation. How to return even in the stretched open and minute details of classical recitation to a fluid and easeful state?

...and then tears, the feeling of impossibility as I devote yet another day to this far reaching task of living a creative life

...although that’s just ego isn’t it? My own excuses and apparent hardships standing in my own way.  

No, instead, I am truly grateful to be living this artistic life. I am moved by the music. To wake up every day and look into the mirror where, in addition to my groggy eyes, I see written “Dream Big” in artful, bold letters. Yes. I am grateful for this life and all that I put into it day after day. There is nothing I would rather do with my life.