Meetings of the Self


We are increasingly developing virtual reality computer worlds wherein people are living the majority of their hours, while plastics are becoming thoroughly integrated into our biosphere and oceans. In those virtual reality worlds there are both designers working tirelessly to engineer a more sustainable future, as well as gamers who spend all day every day reenacting violence, digitally, toward people they've never met. And in the oceans are both fishermen taking whales at unprecedented numbers, as well as people dedicating their every waking moment to cleaning up the mess we're making, no matter how insurmountable the task may seem.


What I see is every situation having the possibility to take us further into suffering and the dark underbelly side of our nature, or these same situations being the opportunity for a life-supportive choice and a Yes to clean, pure, and conscious nature.


The task I've found myself coming back to again and again is that the very small-seeming decisions that add up over time are vital ... using fewer plastics, prioritizing home cooked meals, changing my orientation toward renewable resources. These are small things which do literally add up to a well-formed life web in the space time continuum.


Meanwhile, the big picture perspective is navigating like a compass, bringing clear sight to every movement of the day while maintaining awareness of the overarching movement of my life, of the collective movement of our human family. And amongst this awareness, asking consistently "how can I use my energies for the greater good in the most effective way possible"


I was once told by a partner that focusing on our own inner situation is akin to "belly button gazing," with a negative judgement. The value system was around helping people out there, there are people going hungry, they need help, so help them. Yet meanwhile innumerable personal life traumas are running the show alongside a benevolent and loving intention.


So there's a meeting and getting to know one another, between the various aspects of the self. The aspect that wants to help and give and manage and loves to offer support, and the aspect that is internal, in pain, in joy, feeling, sensing, the whole inner matrix which channels pure spirit into action and beingness.


As far as I have seen and learned, this back and forth never stops, the growing of awareness through action and being, and both are available to be explored.


A healthy balance between the two is helpful for both to be full and vital ... deep inner work alongside lucid, directed action and beingness.