Arriving in Bali, Learning Through Pain

I’m landed in Bali and have been settling in the last three days, finding my body and energy in this new environment and embracing the warm humid air and bright sunshine. Quite a change from Ashland life, with the smoke and intensity of forest fires raging through the hot dry summer. I just got a little sick with a cold and am feeling that one aspect of it is a clearing of all the ash that has been accumulating over the last month of Smoke Life in Oregon.

One level of my being here in Bali is to do a videography project for the school that Jananī Ayni teaches for ( ... my task is to capture the beauty, textures, and essence of this place and the transformative experience that is this 21-day yoga training. So far the work has moved fairly smoothly and I’m having fun both capturing some luminous moments of students engaged in yoga study, as well as buzzing my little travel sized drone around the beaches, surf, and cliffsides throughout the day. The view from above is always striking and gives a feeling of new context for our earth-based lives: little humans going about our lives on the belly of a large green earth globe in the context of vast landscapes of lush jungle and waters.

I also brought my tea set with me and so I’ve been having some sweet morning sits with Janani as the life awakens ... water, water everywhere ... big fat bees buzzing on violet flower vines, chirping birds, Komodo dragon sightings on secluded beaches, the life here is intensely awake and aware, at times writhing and potent, saturated. It’s a practice for me to be in the awe and wonder of the majesty of every corner of existence here while remaining connected within, to the relaxed space of knowing inside the core of my self. Every day brings with it the spiraling, undulating relationship-dance of life as I explore inner and outer awareness, manifest through all of seen and unseen existence.

If you’d like to see more of the images from my travels in Bali and beyond, take a look at my Instagram account @lorenedwardwheelerphotography where I post images from my travels.

Sending love to you all, in all ways.