Who Can Bow Lowest? [poem]

Who can bow lowest?

When the stars are soil

Digesting my knees

As I dig myself into darkness

Seeking lower than you

Your splendor

And grace

The face of beautiful

Resonance that I see

In you

Is it me?

The flame you carry

The torch you light

In my eyes

I want to be lower

So I can gaze up at you

See the etched outlines

Of your timeless divine


Reflected in light

As you spit poetry

Like burning stop signs


I’m going crazy in sanity

Grounded in divinity


Becoming roots

I want to dig myself deeper

And stand lower

So my crown touches your feet

And the roots you grow

From your toes

Twist into my hair

Become brain neuron

Connecting the blessing

Of bowing low

And allowing the

Humility to grow

Soaking up burning sages

That you waft through the pages

Of my poetry book

And I thank you

For allowing my presence to

Affect your air that we share

I thank you for all that you


In this shared


As I drop to my


And pray

Gazing into

The truth

Of your