The Need for Nuance

As you read this, I invite you to welcome the energies of patience, and slowness


The following words and phrases are often thrown around: 

“we live in a fast paced culture” 

”there is so much change happening in the world these days” 

”the world is in a time of great upheaval” 

“we are alive at a potent time” 

“the veils are being lifted” 


and I want to say: 



there is always stillness, and presence

and patience available

there is no rush

...the road into the future is without end

...the future is truly infinite, as is our ability to grow and change. Into and through this life, and beyond into and through death.  

Its easy to see that there is a plethora, an abundance, a complete lack of scarcity, a true tidal wave of information and awareness happening in these days. The digital age! The age of knowing things in a moment by flicking your thumbs on a little screen.  

...and I ask:

where’s the integration? 


one of the the most common things I see in my peers in these days is a constant stimulated state that never has a chance to settle and release, creating a perpetual feeling and experience of electric stimulation.  


So please. Listen: you can find ways to rest, and integrate, and release, and let go, and that experience will surely give you some aspects of peace and fulfillment which you are thirsty for. has done this for me, and I don’t know what you are needing, but this is my offering for this time. From my long journey into and through loving myself, and feeling for the threads of peaceful knowing which bring me a feeling of arriving and feeling at home here in my body and on the earth.