Bless the

Bless the garbage carriers

Bless the apple-pie-baking stay-at-home mothers keeping the family together and the babies fed

Bless the newborns squinting into bright light crying for the loss of the safe womb

Bless the  convenient store clerks holding it down through the night

Bless the dishwashers

Bless the costume makers

Bless the backup singers  

Bless the presidents and their sordid pasts upholding belief-monuments of a crumbling past because, fuck, that must be exhausting  


Bless the invisible people doing what they do, making money to feed families and children

Bless the humble humans behind the spot light

directing it at glittering jewels we are so hypnotized by

Bless the invisible in each one of us, the tender vulnerable children inside acquired masks worn to help us feed ourselves, survive, and hopefully feel sensations of joy and goodness  


There is goodness in every aspect of existence

Look behind the moon and you’ll see the beautiful blackness

Open, receptive, and true

The sun and moon know that who you are encompasses all of it


We all have secret lives hidden from one another

And I hope we can learn to share more 

So we don’t all go mad with the wildness of hidden things


There is nothing to fear in this revelation  

There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain